IMG_6716I work with clients in a clear, approachable manner. My style is warm, interactive and individualized based on the specific needs of each client. My purpose is to inspire, teach and heal. I provide the hope, support and knowledge to disengage from old patterns to create a new, rich and fulfilling life. I am dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families and communities achieve balance, connection and fulfillment.

If  you are reading this, you’ve already taken the first step.

You may carry beliefs inside that may be working against what you ultimately need and want. If you take a moment and listen, you will begin to notice storylines you’ve been told, created from your past experiences or what you’ve absorbed from others. You begin to believe them as facts. These stories then begin seeping into your world contaminating your work, personal, family and social life. Over time, these storylines build upon each other, and life becomes burdensome and sometimes, intolerable.

You may notice destructive, unhealthy behaviors affecting relationships.  You may experience isolation and feeling overwhelmed. At these moments, you search for quick fixes to get fast symptom relief.  Though quick fixes may give you temporary respite from the symptoms, the root of the problem is left unaddressed. Symptom relief is short-term and ultimately leads to more obstacles.

I can help you locate the source of your symptoms and heal the obstacles that are making your life unmanageable.

The method of change may seem complex but it’s rather very simple. Instead of getting rid of your ways of coping, we can work together to evolve unhealthy habitual patterns into productive energy you can use to transform your life.

I will help you recognize, reset and repair the behaviors holding you back from growth and happiness. You don’t need years of therapy to resolve or fix your problems.  You have all the resources you need to create space in your life for joy, growth and opportunities.

I provide individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy. I specialize in helping people define their own success.