Individual Psychotherapy
Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image and poor self-esteem, couples/relationship work and trauma.

Couple and Family Psychotherapy
Couple and family therapy can be necessary to help develop better communication skills, resolved conflict and create healthy, more flexible boundaries between loved ones. Most couples and families are driven to therapy because of a crisis such as a divorce, loss or repetitive fighting. Couple and family therapy can help resolve old patterns of interacting and create the space for more healthy rewarding relationships

Group Psychotherapy
Group therapy can be a powerful way to work through interpersonal issues related to the past, present and future. Groups function as a microcosm of the real world. Safe, confidential group psychotherapy can provide the space to allow one to work through issues that may hinder personal development. HOW? Because hearing how other people have dealt with their issues, even simply how another person suffers from something we know, can help us understand our own predicament.

Binge-Eating Women’s Group
This group is made of adult women who have struggled over weight related issues. Engaging in supportive groups can help discover new skills to help with self-esteem, and boost confidence to make meaningful changes in their lives. Focus of group therapy: Group support, positive body image development, individual control over diet, developing healthy coping skills, self-acceptance.

General Adult Mindfulness Psychotherapy Group
This is a mindfulness talk therapy group made up of adult men and women suffering from depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and generalized life stress.  Meditation and other stress management skills are developed and practiced in a safe group setting.

Adult and Teen Social Skills Group
This group is for adults and teens who have difficulty forming and sustaining friendships. This group provides a new social network for participants who have limited social skills, feel isolated or excluded, and lack positive peer relationships.

Women, Sex + Power Group
This is an experiential training group for therapist looking to expand their leadership style and explore the themes around desire, sex and power in their individual and group therapy sessions.