I had this idea that therapists were the ones you see on tv. Nodding their heads and taking notes and not saying much. When I first met Yoon,  I was struck by how genuine and engaging she was. She quickly  helped me see the destructive cycles I was in with my relationships with men. She helped change my perception of myself, choices I was making and taught me how to take better care of myself. Now, I am in a  healthy relationship with myself AND with a great guy!

I started therapy with Yoon after attending her workshop on binge eating disorder. I’ve failed over and over trying to lose weight. I know and tried every diet out there. I’ve never been in therapy before so I didn’t know what to expect. After working with Yoon, I realized that I was using food to deal with problems in my life. I was addicted to food. I am now in recovery and maintaining a balanced life. My relationships and work life also got better because I was finally facing my fears.

I was really skeptical about therapy. I’ve been living with depression for years and blaming it on my job or my marriage. I had no idea that I can live my life a different way.  After some self-destructive incidents, I went to see Yoon . She helped me deal with my childhood trauma that I put away a long time ago. She helped me realize how much they were affecting my life now. She helped me feel safe and courageous enough to face them. There was no reason for me and my partner to suffer as long as we did.